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Google Map Scraper Pro

This application very useful for Google Map Scraper. You can get all information like that company name, email, website, mobile no., phone no., address, pincode, area etc... Usefull for digital marketing, SMS campaign, Email marketing etc.. You can get all type of category wise data. like that doctors, restaurants, schools, travel agents, computer shop, job consultants, medical shops, pathology labs. we have avialble 300+ business category. We have designed user friendly. just press start button and you can download automatically CSV file your computer.

Note: You can get up to 1,00,000 records one Google API. if you want more record. Then you can contact google support team on chat and can requested to increase API access limit.


Just open a Google Map Scraper Pro zip file folder and click a exe file and run installation successfully.

Software Installation & Working Process

What is verifying google maps api?

Simply mean validating your api by providing your credit card or debit card details in your API account. without validating your API account, the API will not work. PLEASE note that google will not charge you money for using their API. only while validating your card, they will charge your below $1. This is just one time. The card details are asked by google just for identification purpose. you can read more about this on their website. Click on the link

If you have not created the API then you need to generate the API first before verifying it. To learn how to generate the API Click Here

Click on select bar a project.

Click on NEW PROJECT right top corner.

Type any name you want as the project name and then click to create button.

You can see your project is created on the right top corner.

Again click on select a project.

Click on the project you just created.

You can see your project name on top left corner. Next, we need to do is enable two API, ( PLACES API & GEOCODING API )In the search bar below, you can type PLACES API

Click on enable button

then click on the back arrrow as shown in the screen above.

Click on enable button

Again you can type geocoding api in search box. then enable geocoding api.

Once the GEOCODING API is enabled, you will see the screen above. Click on credentials.

Click to create credentials and then API KEY button.

Your api key is generated. copy the API key and paste it in your google map scraper software option settings.

The API KEY will not work unless its verified. Just now verify the API KEY, how to verify google maps api Click Here

Once the API is created, You can now verify the api & Click on the menu bar on the left hand top corner. click above link

Click on billing.

Now click on link a billing account button.

Click on Create billing account

You will see the below form, fill all the information includeing the card details. once you have entered your card details, you will be charged below $1 and once your payment is successful, you will be able to extract data using the verified API. Your API account will be also be credited with $300 worth free trial credits.

Now you can extract data in google map software. ENJOY :)

if any problem occur in google map scraper software. like that below message show in google map software.

Then click to top left hamburger icon and go to billing tab. go to overview option and check must be Enabled Google service in Google Maps Platform.

if you are see other enable service. then go to get support option.

Go to chat support (English only) option.

Go to chat with us (English only) option.

Now you start chat with google team and you can talk about google map API are not properly working. support team will give instant solve.


I've used the following: Thanks so much to

  • Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 – 4.5 etc.
  • Work all window OS platform.
  • Email :


I've used the following: Thanks so much toI spent a lot of time on this thing. Nevertheless it's still not finished. I like to improve it wherever I can and appreciate your feedback. Again we thank you very much for purchasing Table price css, we wish you all the possible success and please do not hesitate mailing us in case you have any questions.

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