At Futurelytics we understand the value hidden in customer data and our platform helps to share that value across ecommerce businesses.
Today we would love to share some stories.
In 2014 Futurelytics has
Hired most talented development team we could find on Earth
Finalized platform backend infrastructure with great support from Google Cloud Platform team
Released BETA frontend design of the platform for customer engagement
Researched one of the most comprehensive ecommerce market coverage in terms of technology & geography and business verticals
Participated in numerous events like Websummit, Node5 Hackathon, Google Think Analytics
Launched FutureDays Event (open community for innovative companies)
Become an official technology partner of Google
Covered marketplaces on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Tictail, PrestaShop
Got Google Interview here
Moved to new offices in Impact Hub
Understood much better pains/gains from customers’ feedback
Traveled across the world Melbourne, London, New York and Prague
In 2015 Futurelytics will
Release pricing plans for eshop owners and also for marketing agencies
Create a new website
Build various new template use cases
Create customer acquisition automation machine
Build partnerships with Wizishop or ShopRocket
Scale our business into multiple ecommerce platforms
Have offices in San Francisco
Build meaningful business partnerships across the globe
Focus on building valuable content for our customers
Futurelytics 2014 in numbers:
8760 hours of work and pleasure
1580 calls with customers
436 sales leads
219 ecommerce partners
150 signups
35 apples and bananas consumption daily
20% signups growth monthtomonth
12 flowers
8 boys
7 ecommerce platforms
3 mail service providers
1 girl
1 dog
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