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Are you protected against damage (or maybe that's something you haven't considered) GIZGO offers the perfect solution
GIZGO guarantees
- to optimise customer experience
- to improve staff productivity
- to avoid any potential liability arising out of staff handling
--customers’ smartphones
- to boost sales and encourage tipping
- to provide businesses with a high ROI
- to promote returning customers
GIZGO is the first portable battery powered smartphone charger developed exclusively for the hospitality industry.
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Does this customers request look familiar?
Your staff have to deal with this growing problem day in and day out.
Is this the charging solution you have in place?
Have you thought about the what ifs ?
Whilst it may not have happened to you YET, what if a customer’s new iPhone 6 bends while it is in your possession or worst still what if a smartphone was already damaged before it is handed to the waiter and the customer blames you for it. At approx. £600 for an iPhone 6, taking on that responsibility may be a costly lesson learnt.
Isn’t the best solution to make it a policy never to handle a customer’s smartphone again.
However, as battery draining becomes a growing problem, business have to face up to this never ending challenge and find a new charging solution as customers expect restaurants to charge their smartphones.
GIZGO offers the perfect solution. GIZGO is a new and innovative charging solution that absolves restaurants of any potential whilst optimising the customer dining experience.
Your staff will appreciate the fact that they are no longer required to fetch and carry customers’ smartphones and can get on with delivering a high level of customer service.
Your customers can keep their smartphones with them at all times and can charge at their table and at their convenience. GIZGO is compact, portable and, with its integrated android and Apple certified lightning cables, can charge two smartphones at once.
With its patent pending security features GIZGO cannot be used outside your restaurant/hotel and is the latest “must have” to boost sales, promote returning business and encourage tipping.
Each GIZGO guarantees to generate a high ROI in excess of £600.  ASK US HOW!

Stand out from your competitors and show that you care for your customers smartphone needs by adding GIZGO to your menu today.

For further information on the GIZGO please visit our website www.gizgo.co.uk
or email any enquires to

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